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Working for the Prosecutor General

Where do we want to be by 2020 – our vision

We are competent, strong, and effective realisers of criminal liability. This is a great place to work for a safer society.

Vision is a matter of will. Above, is an illustrative yet limited description of where we want to be in 2020. Our vision must appear to be our own, energetic and worth pur-suing. It will not become a reality without everyday effort against the background of changing operational environment and laws as our tools develop and the interna-tionalisation process progresses.


Competence is our strength. Each skill has a "best before date". This is why we continuously keep our competence up to date. The development of specialisation is well advanced in the Prosecution Service. We provide everyone in our service with the latest means to implement top-quality internal and external training, which eve-ryone can apply for where needed also on their own initiative. Our people can train to become leading experts.

The competence requirement is also linked to the work community and interaction skills of each person and to leadership at all levels. We know how to act as mem-bers of our work community as required by our values. We value each other, we provide feedback and we continuously develop leadership.


The more successful we are in working with our stakeholders, the stronger we are. It is very important to have different networks. We are active and prominent actors in these – also on the international stage. We have a strong grasp of matters re-quiring investigation.


Effectiveness comes about from the results of our actions in society. The Prosecu-tion Service wields considerable power. We allocate our resources to the right things. Performance guidance works and is effective. Supported by managers, we make consistent policies and other choices required by our activities. We achieve the results that society – our employer - rightly expects of us.

We have a good public image. Our communications are active and interactive. We are a major influence in criminal policy. We act on a strictly impartial basis. We are known for our efficiency. We serve and are trusted.


The main work of the Prosecution Service is to enforce criminal liability. The key stages in our work in this respect are leading the pre-trial investigation, the consid-eration of charges and acting in court. The work of a prosecutor is streamlined and focuses on the essentials according to the nature of a case. We also develop jus-tice through appeal.

Enforcement of criminal liability is supported by effective, top-quality secretarial work, an information service, training, leadership, communications, administration and information technology.


The Prosecution Service is a community of all the people working for it. Our strength lies in our people’s competence and community spirit. No one is left on their own. We accept the diversity of people and the work we do and respect the skills of others. Our value discussions are genuine and our values are up-to-date. We seek to uphold our values in everything we do.

It is usual for us to work in pairs, teams and groups. However, most work continues to independent individual work. Teleworking is also possible where necessary.

The Prosecution Service is our workplace. Our work is demanding. Managers con-tribute to the success of our work. Workplace wellbeing is important to us and we work to this end. We benefit from modern tools and premises. Safety aspects, too, have been taken fully into account.


There are rules of play that everyone complies with in a safe society. Persons that break these rules are punished where necessary. This is where the Prosecution Service is a key actor. Our work is driven by an up-to-date situational awareness of the threats and problems caused by criminal activities.

In carrying out its social responsibility, the Prosecution Service represents the en-forcement of legal protection. Legal protection is an important part of safety and fairness. A number of authorities and third-party actors work for a safe society. The Prosecution Service is part of a network that is jointly responsible for Finland being the safest country in Europe.

Published 20.12.2013